Volunteer / Internship


UHET believes that the integrated effort of an individual could be able to bring an inclusive development at comprehensive domains in society. Volunteerism is a form of integration of likeminded people to sharing social responsibilities as a partner of the community organizations to promoting the condition of vulnerable people as well as society.

We welcome the individuals and professionals who wish to contribute and spend their priceless time as helping hands of UHET to made access to higher education for all the underprivileged students by every possible means of intervention like community outreach, career guidance, advocacy, networking, skill development, etc. UHET working towards to make higher education possible to all young, deserving individuals irrespective of their socio-economic background and to facilitate them economically to be productive and socially responsible citizens.

We have provided detailed orientation to all registered volunteers to get understanding the different perspective of functional domains and need of increasing capacities of the underprivileged students to bring a radical change in higher education gross enrollment ratio.


UHET welcomes motivated academic professional and social work students those engaging / willing to engage in social development process for the purpose of both academic advancement and gaining real life field exposure through imparting and application of practical knowledge.

Our operational area covers an entire twenty blocks in Vellore District and Jawadhu Hills block in Thiruvannamalai District. We offer internships throughout the year either willing to working for full time or part time basis. Interns program is designed with a specific roles and responsibility, which enhance work experience that allow the students to observe and participate in professional work environment. During the period of internship no such kind of financial assistance or any remuneration, accommodation will not be entertained by the UHET to the trainee, but will be equipped with professional skills and provided with a certificate at the end of the internship.