Financial Assistant

Face-to-Face Interview with Students & Parents

After scrutinizing the application documents, parents are called for one-to-one interview to assess / understand student’s academic aspiration and economic status of the family.

Home visits to examine the socio - economic status of the student

In order to select appropriate candidates for scholarship, UHET team makes home visits to every individual applicant’s home to observe and assess the applicant’s socio-economic status and living condition of the family. A report is then prepared on the individual including details such as education and occupation of parents and family members, the family living conditions will be taken into consideration for determining the scholarship eligibility.

Selection of eligible Students

The reports are submitted to the trustees, to select the eligible underprivileged students for the UHET scholarship. (The scholarship varies according to the student’s economic status and ranges between 50% and 100%. The selected candidates can avail this scholarship support until completion of their chosen courses).

Classification of Student Beneficiaries

Total Number of Beneficiaries: 7,449

SI.No Details Particulars No.of Beneficiaries
1 Gender Girls 4,968 (67%)
Boys 2,481
2 First Generation Graduates 4,958 (67%)
3 Government School Beneficiaries 4,010 (54%)